The Second Dreaming is what we are calling the development drive to revitalise Furcadia. To do this, we have gathered together an awesome group of staff, volunteers and others to assist us in bringing long awaited updates and new features. All funded by you, the players and community, through our fundraiser!

The Second Dreaming Fundraiser is now closed, thank you everyone who helped by donating!

Once your reward package has been activated (see the question below) you will be able to visit the 'Rewards Page', which is located at:

You will need to provide your character log-in details to proceed. From here you will see your reward package(s) and the individual items in that package(s). There are options to allocate all the reward items to that character, or to choose to give all (or some) of the items to other characters. Note that not all items are transferrable. The AngelCat and HellHound desctags, for example, cannot be traded or transferred.

If you don't see your reward package listed, please ensure that you are logged in as the right character. Also, again, bear in mind that rewards take up to three business days to be added to a character after you have donated.

Rewards are added by our administration team after we have confirmed your donation, every day. However, it can take up to three (3) business days to activate your reward. If you have not received your reward after three (3) business days, please file a ticket in our Support System. Please always include relevant information such as your character name, the email address used for the donation, the PayPal transaction code if available, and the Catnip order code.

(If you have not provided the correct details in our ordering system, then this may explain possible delays. If you discover that you have provided incorrect details for your character, or address, we advise you to file a Support Ticket at the link provided above).

You will lose all of the rewards and benefits you have received as part of your old package. These rewards will be taken away from any character you have allocated them to. You will then be given a coupon code to use on the Market to discount the price of an upgraded package. You can use the coupon code in the 'Checkout' screen of the market to receive your discount.

If you have used up certain rewards or treasures, such as Golden DragonScales, you may not redeem the package for a coupon if there are insufficient scales on that character to reimburse the package cost.

If you gave, or sold, some of your rewards to other players, you MAY NOT redeem them for a coupon, unless you have explicit permission from the players who you gave the items to. If you do, these rewards will be taken away from the person(s) you gave/sold them to. If that person files a complaint about this, we will investigate the matter and this may be regarded as 'scamming' under our current rules. There is a very real chance of getting banned for scamming other players, and the affected players may, especially if they have paid real life money for something, decide to pursue the matter legally in real life.

We also highly advise players not to purchase rewards from other players, where possible, in order to protect themselves.

No. Dark Dreaming rewards cannot be exchanged for AngelCat rewards. Dark Dreaming coupons cannot be used to discount an upgrade to an AngelCat reward, and AngelCat rewards can no longer be obtained 'new'.

If you've donated for a Dark Dreaming reward package, then some of the rewards are not yet available in-game just yet. We hope to have these ready very soon, and you will receive them as soon as they become available.

Limited-time items are available from the point of them being activated, not the point of donation. So for example, you really will have the DireHound for a year, 365 days, as soon as we turn it on.

Certain rewards (like System Announcements) require you to make arrangements with us. See later questions in this FAQ for more information.

Keep in mind that rewards take up to three business days to be activated after your donation has been successfully completed (using e-checks and similar may extend this period).

The coloring book and other downloadables are linked to from the rewards page. Check out to find them!

We update our Community News blog regularly, here!

The original newsletters can be found here as well.

To begin playtesting and previewing our 'In-Development' software, please see this blog post! Please also report bugs with our Test Software. That is half the fun! 

Test Software can be unstable, and so we cannot promise that it will work as well as the current 'live client'. The Second Dreaming World is subject to restarts with little notice.

All of those wonderful groovy things are available at (as well as being linked to from the Rewards page). Be sure to log in as the correct character (the one that you donated as) to be able to see the page.

While we don't have a definite date to give out right now, we do hope to have as many of these features available as soon as possible. All the rewards will be available from the rewards page as soon as they are 'activated'.

Limited-time items are available from the point of them being activated, not the point of donation. So for example, you really will have the DireHound for a year, 365 days, as soon as we turn it on and you allocate it from the rewards page.

Custom Desctags and Custom Specitags may be uploaded to the server here!

More information on the size and file type requirements can be found on the upload page, linked to above.

If your reward includes a Custom Avatar space, you will need to contact us via the Ticket System to arrange getting the avatar put into the game and/or made (where appropriate).

Please also read the Custom Avatar FAQ to make sure your avatar will meet all the requirements. Our artists will be happy to provide you with useful tips, advice and assistance wherever possible.

Trade commands have been made to make it easier to transfer Kittersize between characters. Use 'trade-add kittersize' in the Secure Trade system to do this.

Sadly, we have not yet implemented a trade-command for Life Sponsorships. We will endeavour to get one made as soon as we can, and publish further details as they become available. We will of course, implement more commands for the new features (such as Gloaming) also. If you send us a support ticket (must be from the same email address that the owner of the SS for Life is registered to), we'll be happy to transfer the Silver Sponsorship for Life for you.

Yes, they do. If you are not receiving your monthly perks, please notify us via the Ticket System. Perks will go to the character that holds the Sponsorship.

You can choose the spot you wish to reserve by filing a request to the Ticket System. You can choose a spot on any main map, however all spots are subject to approval. We generally will not allow you to reserve a spot in the middle of a walkway, where it would block a dream upload pad, or where we feel it would be disruptive. You will need to wait for a server restart for the 'turf reservation' to take effect.

Turf can be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once you have selected a spot, you will not be able to change it, so please pick wisely. (If the map you choose is later upgraded or replaced, we will contact you via e-mail to allow you to pick another spot before the map replacement.)

How it works: When you are not around, other players can sit in your spot. However, as soon as you arrive on the scene and wish to claim your Turf, you can either type @mine or, even more comfortably, just walk in your spot. The other player will be moved aside automatically. They won't be surprised or upset, because when they sat down, the game told them that they are in your personal spot and that they may only remain there as a guest as long as you don't claim it. Nifty, isn't it?

You can tell us via the Ticket System (or contact Emerald Flame or Cironir directly) when you wish to use your System Broadcast. Please be sure to give us the content of your broadcast, as well as the time and date you wish it to happen. You may include links and simple formatting in the broadcast.

We require at least three (3) days notice to arrange a System Broadcast. If you need it sooner, please ask, but no promises!  All broadcasts are subject to approval (including any links). We sadly cannot allow adult content (or links) in a System Broadcast.

You can contact us via the Ticket System (or contact Emerald Flame or Kashi Commodore directly) to arrange your ceremony. Please be sure to give us the details of the participants. We normally do the ceremonies in Sanctuary but we can hold the ceremony in a private dream if you prefer. Please tell us if so. While we will do our very best to make good arrangements with you on an one-to-one basis, please note that we cannot be held responsible for contacting your guests, your partner, people not showing up, or other events beyond our control. All ceremonies are monitored by Staff and/or Guardians and we reserve the right to eject people for behavior related issues during the event.

Please contact us via the Ticket System (or contact Dr. Cat / Felorin directly) to arrange an appropriate time and date for your Skype Call. We prefer it if you can make these arrangements with at least one (1) week notice. Please be aware that the poor kitty does have to work, sleep and eat and therefore times are subject to his approval / schedule. Skype calls will be at least one (1) hour in length, though Dr. Cat reserves the right to talk for a lot longer cause he's just like that, yer know?

Please contact us via the Ticket System (or contact Emerald Flame or Cironir directly) to arrange your visiting time and date. Please be sure to give us details of where and when you want the event to be held. We require at least one (1) week notice to arrange these events. All times are subject to approval and the availability of Staff.

For Creator Visits, you may ask for other Staff to visit in addition to Emmie and Cat if you wish. This is of course, subject to their schedules and the availability of snack foods.

For Dark Prime visits, you can request a specific Dark Prime but we cannot make promises about these Lords of Chaos. Especially because at least one is suspected to be dead, and several are imprisoned….

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