The Light Dreaming has now become the Dark Dreaming

But you can upgrade existing Light Dreaming (AngelCat) pledges here!!

While new Angelcat pledges are no longer available, you can use this page to upgrade your existing pledge if you have a coupon! If you redeem an existing Light Dreaming reward for a coupon, you can optionally upgrade it on this page and still retain your Angelcat. Especially for the pure of heart and good of deed. :)





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Heroic Avatar

You provide Avatar art that we will add to Furcadia, making your creation a permanent part of our game. Then you can share it with up to ten Furcadia friends, as well as using it yourself! Create a new mythical creature, or a whole new race - your imagination is the only limit! Also includes Deluxe Treasure Package as above, and one hundred Golden DragonScales.
Availability: 0
Donation Price: $2,000.00
Manufacturer: Dragons Eye Productions


  • Add any type of character avatar to the game (you provide art and animation!) for you and up to ten Furcadian Friends!
  • 100 GD
  • Deluxe Treasure Package
    • One System Announcement of your choice - subject to approval!
    • Custom Desctag (from art that you provide)
    • Magical Kittersize
    • 50 GD
    • Origami Dragon by Dr. Cat

As well as … Direhound Rewards

  • Direhound For Life

As well as … PlayTester Rewards

  • Access to Test Builds
  • Private forum to discuss new content
  • Downloadable PDF Primes Coloring/Storybook
  • Downloadable PDF Art Print by Furcadia's co-creator, Talzhemir
  • 5 GD

As well as … Direhound Rewards

  • Direhound (For Life, as mentioned above!)
  • Vote for Next Feature and Avatar

As well as … Cookie Collector Rewards!

  • Direhound Desctag
  • +5 Cookies added daily
  • Weekly Project Newsletter E-mail
  • Direhound Coloring Page

Extra Treasure:

  • Turkey - 1 year
  • 15 GD
  • We will create one more avatar and one more feature from the votable list!
  • Animated Port Space
  • Noble Hyooman For Life
  • Flooki For Life
  • Kiwi For Life
  • Floof For Life
  • Chinchilla For Life
  • 36 Roses
    • 12 Purple Rose Buds
    • 12 Red Rose Buds
    • 12 Yellow Rose Buds
  • 3 Fireworks:
    • Fireworks Finale for 3 days
    • Fireworks Flower for 3 days
    • Fireworks Festive for 3 days
Furcadia Second Dreaming Project
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