Catnip Studios is excited to announce its venture in alternative online mobile games! We are working with Koolbit as a third party developer on an app called 1Up Casino!


1Up Casino is a mobile-first, casino platform that was built from the ground up. This unique platform allows for new mobile slot machine games to be published simultaneously on iOS, Android, Amazon, and Facebook within a couple of hours. Catnip Studios will be utilizing Koolbit's awesome software platform to make our own slot machine games by providing all our own artwork, animation, music, and sounds!


Catnip Studios' highest rated slot machine game is called Victorian Kiss, a romance based experience with full animations and rich textures, sounds, music, and graphics. As a top tier slot, it became the most popular one of the thousands of slots available!

We also made Lucky Dog, an Irish themed slot with lots of cute dogs! And a Mardi Gras themed slot game called Carnival Royals too!

Come see our new games on the 1Up Casino App, available on iOS, Android, Amazon, and Facebook!


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