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The Dark Dreaming has arrived!!

Furcadia is the premier Social MMO. Created from players' dreams, millions have already enjoyed it. Now we're making it better! After a successful Kickstarter and the Light Dreaming appeal which raised $170,000, we're hoping to take it even further and unlock the 32-bit Windows Client, with your continued support! Help us reach our funding targets and goals and unlock awesome rewards and bonuses to use in-game - including exclusive features never before available!

You can hear all about it in our Video Presentation, have a look at the original Kickstarter appeal or check out our Market to see what rewards you can get!

Kickstarter: Update #11

Bloopers Video!

Hi all!

We are doing great and well on the way to that attachments update! Majas has finished putting together this hilarious bloopers video! Please do share it all around and let's take it viral! We should get something for making fools of ourselves! ;)

Cat's streaming event went really well yesterday and we've made it to 65k. That means everyone ArchangelCat and above now get an animated portrait space added to all the other lovely prizes!

Our next goal is Attachments! This means wings, hats, horns, masks, tusks, pawhelds, capes, ears, tails and so much more on all the avatars! Backers will even get free ones to start out with! Everyone Cookie collector and above will get antlers! ArchangelCat and above will get a few other things as well! Be sure to check out all the new Extra Treasure on the Kickstarter page!

If you missed it before, be sure to watch and share the Community Video! This is hugely awesome and heartwarming. So many of you are in this video telling what Furcadia is about and sharing what Furcadia has done to help you! You can see full videos here too! 

Poor Cironir is still busy hand adding everyone's AngelCat desctags! If you have not sent him your information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell in the email the name you pledged as, how much total you spent, what your Furcadia name is, what packages go on which characters and if you earned any special prizes. If you upped your pledge be sure to email again and tell him what new rewards you want! If there's any issues, you can talk to him in Furcadia, as well. :)

Everyone else has been very busy working the Kickstarter stuff! Farrier is working more on the web client. We've all been doing a lot of community stuff with contests, snow, winter fest, Kickstarters events, etc! I will give a more detailed report sometime this week. Cat, Gar and I will be driving to Texas next week to visit the DEP office and go to my daughter's college graduation. We will still be connecting from the road to keep track of everything and keep the company running!

Thank you all so very much for your support. As always this is a community project, just as Furcadia is all about the community!

Lots of love,


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