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The Dark Dreaming has arrived!!

Furcadia is the premier Social MMO. Created from players' dreams, millions have already enjoyed it. Now we're making it better! After a successful Kickstarter and the Light Dreaming appeal which raised $170,000, we're hoping to take it even further and unlock the 32-bit Windows Client, with your continued support! Help us reach our funding targets and goals and unlock awesome rewards and bonuses to use in-game - including exclusive features never before available!

You can hear all about it in our Video Presentation, have a look at the original Kickstarter appeal or check out our Market to see what rewards you can get!

Kickstarter: Update #12

Celebration party and shooting for attachments!!

Hey everyone! We're planning a big all-day party on December 15th to celebrate our successful Kickstarter, and also we'll be celebrating Furcadia's 16th Birthday a day early at the same time! Everyone is invited, so make sure to log on that Saturday!

We're getting close to one of our major stretch goals, where we'll add Attachment support to Furcadia! This will add all sorts of options for customizing your avatars, and even mixing and matching pieces. To help us get there, until we reach $70K we'll be giving out a lifetime Awesome desctag to everyone who either makes a new pledge of $50 or up or who adds $50 to an existing pledge.

Once we get there, everybody at the $5 and above level gets free Antlers to use as their first Attachment, and everyone at our $75 ArchangelCat and above gets the Antlers, a hat, and a handheld item to be named later. So tell all your friends, and please share our Kickstarter link on your Facebook and Twitter!

Watch for more Live Streaming events in the next week from Majas and Nijumi, and possibly also from Kashi Commodore and Dr. Cat (hey that’s me!) Those will be announced as we get specific dates worked out.  

Thanks again for all your support and good wishes!

Warm regards,

   Dr. Cat / Felorin

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