Emerald Catz is a results-oriented Producer and Designer with 15 years of experience creating and managing all aspects of Social Games. While specializing in the female demographic and maximizing revenue, she excels at visualizing the Big Picture, designing the components, and leading a team to bring a project to fruition. As a creative thinker, Emerald consults on projects, pinpointing solutions, and polishing design. (Professional Cat-Herder)

Known on Furcadia as: "Emerald Flame"

Dr. Cat has been developing games professionally for 30 years now, and has worked on 40 published titles. He's done every job there is in the game industry, specializing mainly in game design, programming, and writing. As a serial entrepreneur, he's contributed to the success of numerous companies, including his own Dragon's Eye Productions. He's a pioneer in online & social gaming, has a patent & a Guinness World Record, and is known for folding origami dragons and his unique sense of humor.

Known on Furcadia as: "Felorin"

Ben Jans comes by his design pedigree from a background in Graphic design and 3D animation, coupled with a comprehensive understanding of video games in a plethora of genres. Ben first started playing Furcadia within weeks of its release, and has followed the development as a player, content contributor, volunteer, volunteer supervisor, employee, and finally as a consulting designer. Since parting amicably from Dragon’s Eye Productions Ben has successfully designed art, content, and systems for top 10 Facebook games (Lolapps’ Ravenwood Fair) and top 50 mobile apps (TinyCo’s Tiny Village).

Boasting almost a decade of experience in the Casual/Social games genre, Ben understands that while good games may monetize, great games monetize in spite of themselves. With a strong understanding of Art, Design, Programming, and the whole of Video-Game development, Ben cares deeply about the player experience, and the inclusion of delight and wonder in every product he works on.

Known on Furcadia as "Gar"

Michael Vondung has been managing and developing online communities since the early 1990s. After several years of writing for German gaming and IT magazines, he joined the WorldsAway team in 1995 as a community moderator and eventually manager. In 2001, he joined Dragon Eye's Productions' Furcadia as the Community and Support Manager. Throughout his career he has also done volunteer work for a wide variety of gaming and social web sites and organizations. As a creative outlet, he localizes the odd iOS game to German. He enjoys playing a game of Go.

Known on Furcadia as: "Cironir"

John Furre is just here as a dummy person while designing the layout of the Team Page. He is trained and worked as a fine artist until the age of 25, when he began to focus on UI design, programming, marketing and website design. He is now a successful entrepreneur. In his free time, John programs tools and toys for people he refers to as "Nerdy Artists", and maintains the social network for roleplayers that he built from scratch.


Known on Furcadia as Support.

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