Emerald Kaiten Catz - Executive Producer & Designer

Emerald Catz is a results-oriented Producer and Designer with 15 years of experience creating and managing all aspects of Social Games. While specializing in the female demographic and maximizing revenue, she excels at visualizing the Big Picture, designing the components, and leading a team to bring a project to fruition. As a creative thinker, Emerald consults on projects, pinpointing solutions, and polishing design. (Professional Cat-Herder)

Known on Furcadia as: "Emerald Flame"

Dr. Cat - Game Industry Advisor

Dr. Cat has been developing games professionally for 30 years now, and has worked on 40 published titles. He's done every job there is in the game industry, specializing mainly in game design, programming, and writing. As a serial entrepreneur, he's contributed to the success of numerous companies, including his own Dragon's Eye Productions. He's a pioneer in online & social gaming, has a patent & a Guinness World Record, and is known for folding origami dragons and his unique sense of humor.

Known on Furcadia as: "Felorin"

Benjamin Jans - Design Consultant

Ben Jans comes by his design pedigree from a background in Graphic design and 3D animation, coupled with a comprehensive understanding of video games in a plethora of genres. Ben first started playing Furcadia within weeks of its release, and has followed the development as a player, content contributor, volunteer, volunteer supervisor, employee, and finally as a consulting designer. Since parting amicably from Dragon’s Eye Productions Ben has successfully designed art, content, and systems for top 10 Facebook games (Lolapps’ Ravenwood Fair) and top 50 mobile apps (TinyCo’s Tiny Village).

Boasting almost a decade of experience in the Casual/Social games genre, Ben understands that while good games may monetize, great games monetize in spite of themselves. With a strong understanding of Art, Design, Programming, and the whole of Video-Game development, Ben cares deeply about the player experience, and the inclusion of delight and wonder in every product he works on.

Known on Furcadia as "Gar"

James Talon - Art Director & Producer

James Talon is the Art Director and Producer for Furcadia and since 2011 he has been actively developing the game by juggling many different hats. He has a degree in Linguistics and has earned many awards for his drawings and paintings over the years. His interests lie in creative media, technology, animals, and world culture!

(james-talon.deviantart.com) (twitter.com/JamesTalonArt)

Known on Furcadia as: "James"

Kimone Osbourne - System Administrator & Programmer

Kimone Osbourne is a professional Systems Administrator and Client/Server Programmer. From his youth, spent programming games and utilities on a wide variety of platforms, Kimone started his own Web Hosting company at a young age to supplement his income during college. Since those formative years he has actively spent an incredible amount of time in a wide variety of computer-related roles, from ‘kernel-hacking’ the Linux Kernel and working on major open-source projects such as KDE and Banshee, to running his own Internet Radio Station. Fulfilling a big community role on games such as Furcadia has been a key achievement that he likes to mention. Offline, Kimone has also worked for many years as a mechanical and electrical engineer, leading his own teams to achieve world-first’s in his industry. Not much is known of his hobbies, though it is presumed he doesn’t have time for any after such a busy schedule.

Known on Furcadia as: "Kashi Commodore"

Michael Vondung - Community Manager

Michael Vondung has been managing and developing online communities since the early 1990s. After several years of writing for German gaming and IT magazines, he joined the WorldsAway team in 1995 as a community moderator and eventually manager. In 2001, he joined Dragon Eye's Productions' Furcadia as the Community and Support Manager. Throughout his career he has also done volunteer work for a wide variety of gaming and social web sites and organizations. As a creative outlet, he localizes the odd iOS game to German. He enjoys playing a game of Go.

Known on Furcadia as: "Cironir"

Amanda Postey - Artist & Web Developer

Amanda Postey is a freelance artist who studied illustration and design at ACAD (Alberta College of Art and Design). She has worked as a retail computer technician, and is a self taught web designer. When she is not doodling commission work or picking fights with code, Amanda enjoys creative writing, hunting, and renaissance culture.

Known on Furcadia as: "Muunokhoi"

M. Sparling-Sedlak - Artist & Programmer

An artist/programmer who is finishing a BS in computer science from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Currently they are working as a freelance artist specializing in pixel graphics, digital paintings, leathercraft and have done several avatars for Furcadia. They have been playing Furcadia since 2001 and enjoy strict freeform roleplay and the construction of huge and complicated dreams. Occasionally, they also pick up heavy things (then put them down) and dress like a Viking. Though not at the same time. Usually.

Known on Furcadia as: "Heimdall"

Dewi Morgan - Programmer

Dewi Morgan is a programmer from the valleys of Wales in the UK, with sixteen years of experience developing applications for Microsoft, CNN, and other blue-chip clients. He joined Furcadia in 2001, while overseeing an international network for Sun Microsystems. He started his own company in 2004, but while creating a multiplayer online game "Thud", for British author Terry Pratchett, he fell in love with another Furcadian, in America. He has left his life in Britain behind to come and work full time on the game that brought them together.

Known on Furcadia as: "Farrier"

Kriss Sakurai - Client/Server Programmer

Kriss is a software developer and private pilot of the Inland Empire, California and is working on a Bachelors in Computer Science.  A programmer of ten years, Kriss develops the client and server software in the massively multiplayer online social game, Furcadia.  He is currently working on an instrument rating and plans to enter the United States Air Force as a pilot, with eventual plans to pursue a career in medicine.

Known on Furcadia as: "Nijûmi" or "Ninja"

Yaroslav 'Slava' Sheremet - Programmer

Mostly known by his online handles and pseudonyms (and least by his actual offline name), Slava Sheremet spends the majority of his time around technology and computers, which have been a passion of his since his early childhood. He speaks three languages (English, Russian and Hebrew), and familiarized himself with plenty more programming/markup ones over the years as a hobby.

His current goal is to obtain a degree in Software Engineering from the Ben Gurion University in Israel, become a professional software developer, and work in a field that interests him the most. In the mean time, other than studying, he spends his time writing/experimenting with code for the fun of it and helping others solve technical problems of all kinds to the best of his ability.

Known on Furcadia as: "Artex"

Alistair Ward - Web Developer

Alistair Ward started as a business entrepreneur, leading teams of web designers and small retail stores for several years. He eventually joined the Dragon's Eye Productions volunteer team in 2006 and later, the web development team in early 2009. He has worked on a great number of third-party, Furcadia-based websites and takes great pride in his work. Although he is prone to extreme laziness, he is easily coaxed into working with offers of sugary treats, such as cookies.

Known on Furcadia as: “Crunchward”

Colton Wolkins - Web Developer

Colton Wolkins is a self taught web developer and programmer, and loves learning more about computers. When in 4th grade, Colton reverse-engineered a professionally designed website to learn how it works. Colton has built the Oh My Bloomin' Threads business website, and helped remake Furcadia's website into the Joomla content management system.

Current hobbies are programming scripts, playing in Furcadia, and surfing the web. Colton is learning a mix of C and C++, and is planning to get a Bachelors of Science degree with a focus in Software Engineering.

Known on Furcadia as: "Frostyfrog"

Janet Lawlor - Web Developer

Janet Lawlor is a self taught web developer and artist, doing little in coding or programming during her school career, she only really toyed with BASIC up until she hit her late teens and early twenties. Since then she has, through various sources, taught herself HTML as well as Joomla, which has lead to her becoming a Scribe (Beekin) for Furcadia in Fall of 2012 as well as assisting with the revamp of the Catnip site.

An avid gamer and music lover when she is not working, her hobbies include internet disc jockeying, as well as 'doodling' artwork when the mood suits her.

Known on Furcadia as "Tigger Fellini".

Sam Whittington - Composer, Music Arranger, Sound Designer

Sam Whittington has a BA in Music from the University of North Texas with a concentration in percussion. She is a composer, sound designer, music arranger, and creative writer. Some of her projects include arranging music and sound design for Furcadia: The Second Dreaming, as well as composing music, arranging music, and engineering sound effects for Catnip Studios' slot machine games. Her interests include birds, cats, reading, video games, and birds. Quack! 

Known on Furcadia as: "Yaminoanil"

Sana Freeman - Artist

Sana Freeman is a production artist at Rooster Teeth Productions and a contract artist for Furcadia. She has a degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design and has worked on a variety of projects including Furcadia, RWBY, and Red vs. Blue., specializing in environment painting, asset design, and 2D asset production. When not drawing or doing other art related things, she is probably off playing video games or trying to train her dog to do cool stuff.

Known on Furcadia as: "Sync"

Monica Knighton - Artist

Monica Knighton is a freelance illustrator based in Austin, Texas and studied fine art at Southwest Texas University. She is the creator of the Tarot of the Dead, published by Llewellyn in 2001, a Spanish/English tarot deck inspired by the Mexican Dia de los Muertos. In her spare time, she continues to build her sideshow of freaky sock monkeys and make up historically inaccurate stories about them.

(http://nobordersstudio.blogspot.com/) (http://freakyfootsies.blogspot.com/)

Katie Diedrick - Artist

Katie Diedrick is a freelance artist who has worked on projects such as Furcadia and the Monty the Travelling Cat series. She is a concept artist, website designer, and illustrator. In her spare time, she enjoys biking, reading, and walking through downtown Chicago.

Known on Furcadia as: "Toast"

Kim Genly - Web Designer & Developer

Kim Genly trained and worked as a fine artist until the age of 22, when she began to focus on UI design, programming, marketing and website design. She is now a successful entrepreneur. In her free time, Kim programs tools and toys for people she refers to as "Nerdy Artists", and maintains the social network for roleplayers that she built from scratch.

(http://www.pixelovely.com) (http://www.rprepository.com)

Known on Furcadia as: "Safiye"

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