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The Dark Dreaming has arrived!!

Furcadia is the premier Social MMO. Created from players' dreams, millions have already enjoyed it. Now we're making it better! After a successful Kickstarter and the Light Dreaming appeal which raised $170,000, we're hoping to take it even further and unlock the 32-bit Windows Client, with your continued support! Help us reach our funding targets and goals and unlock awesome rewards and bonuses to use in-game - including exclusive features never before available!

You can hear all about it in our Video Presentation, have a look at the original Kickstarter appeal or check out our Market to see what rewards you can get!





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Golden Dragon

Be the first to get a Gold Sponsorship for life. Now available for the first time ever. We’ll also mail you a signed Pawtograph book. Includes Eternal DireHound rewards.
Donation Price: $500.00
Manufacturer: Dragons Eye Productions

By the power of Suffrith comes unadulterated greed. The fabled Golden Dragon package brings secrets from beyond time itself. For with this you will become one of our first ever Gold Sponsors FOR LIFE! This often requested, soon to be available reward grants Sponsorship to all your characters and of course, we'll mail you a signed Pawtograph book, too. Includes the Eternal Direhound Package.




  • Gold Sponsorship for life
  • Bonus Treasure Package
    • One System Announcement of your choice - subject to approval!
    • Custom Specitag (from art that you provide)
    • Magical Gloaming effects

As well as … Eternal Direhound Rewards

  • DireHound For Life

As well as … Cookie Monster and Test Subject Rewards

  • DireHound Desctag For Life
  • +5 Cookies added daily
  • Weekly Project Newsletter E-mail
  • DireHound Coloring Page
  • Access to Test Builds
  • Private forum to discuss new content
  • Downloadable PDF Dark Primes Coloring/Storybook
  • Vote for next Feature and Avatar
Furcadia Second Dreaming Project
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